Body Wrap® Shapewear

Body Wrap® Shapes & Smooths Every Body Wrap garment is designed to slim and tone every woman's body, making her look slimmer and feel sexier. Body Wrap® garments are seamless, eliminating panty lines, bumps or any other imperfection. Body Wrap slim by providing support to troublesome areas of the body while smoothing any imperfections. Orginally designed to be used inside swimwear, Body Wrap® is soft, comfortable and breathable. Unlike other body slimming products, Body Wrap® are comfortable enough to wear daily. 

Watch this video to see for yourself how Body Wrap® can help you hide extra pounds and create the illusion of a toned and fit body.

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There are many types of Body Wrap® Shapewear garments to choose from. We have styles that work great with dresses, pants, and every outfit in your wardrobe. Because Body Wrap® is seamless, you will never have to worry about bra and panty lines showing through your white pants or form fitting dress again.

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Body Wrap Unveils Sheer Iridesscent

Earlier this month, the talented team at Body Wrap Shapewear unveiled their latest line -- Sheer Iridesscent which blends technological innovation and fashion into shapewear. Members of the press w...

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Bodywrap Advert

BODYWRAP SHAPEWEAR® advert, for the Sheer Iridesscent range, supplied by Christina.

This seamless shapewear line has been designed to offer today's women the support they need to reveal their assets and feel beautiful and desirable, whether it's for a night out or all day long. Although invisible under your clothes, Body Wrap® will give you immediate visible results, creating the illusion of a slimmer, firmer, younger, sexier, well-toned figure.


Why Body Wrap®

Industry research and advanced technology led to the manufacturing of unique cuts and paneling. By having panels with different levels of control in each style, Body Wrap® maximizes the slimming effect on strategic points of the body while enhancing others to create perfectly tailored body shapers.

Body Wrap® shapewear is made with a patented design that includes a specialized weaving technology.

Panels with different levels of control and tension allow Body Wrap® shapewear to maximize the slimming effect on strategic points of your body, while enhancing others. This creates the perfectly tailored body shape you want.

Body Wrap® is the next generation of shapewear. Wearing this revolutionary modern shapewear will allow you to get the toned silhouette you’ve always wanted while avoiding panty lines and bulges. Body Wrap® allows you to wear the clothes you want and feel confident in how you look. For someone that has just had a baby or a major surgery,Body Wrap® shapewear is a popular way to hold muscles and organs in place. Our shapewear also helps improve circulation. The benefits of Body Wrap® go beyond just looking good-they help you feel good.

Without Body Wrap® It is hard to hide those unsightly pantylines and bulges.

With Body Wrap® Strategic body points are smoothed and toned while other parts are enhanced