Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Have you gained or lost weight since your last bra purchase?

A. If your weight has changed 10 pounds or more, and the middle hook just isn't doing it any more, you need a new fitting and a new bra. If it's 20 or more, you probably lost a band size and should be re-fit. At 35 pounds you possibly need a cup size change, as well.  

Q. Have you ever had a rash, or itching under your breast area or on your upper abdomen?

A. This is probably caused by perspiration being trapped under breast tissue that is not properly supported to allow air to flow under the breasts. Our bras will lift the tissue up from that area allowing air to flow and reducing perspiration buildup.

Q. Do these bras have to fit this firm around the midriff?

A. Yes, it should be fitting firmly enough around the midriff that there is no movement that results in the back of the bra moving up the back or the front of the bra coming up when you raise your hands above your head. If you have these symptoms of movement, you have been fitted too loosely and you will find the bra uncomfortable. The secret to the comfort of the bra is that it is fitted firmly around the midriff so there is no longer any movement and therefore no rubbing and irritation!

Q. I find I am quite "perky" looking in this bra. Am I in the position in the correct place?

A. Yes, the apex of your breast should be half the way between your shoulder and your elbow. When you are positioned here then proper circulation, lymphatic drainage, posturing and breathing can happen. Your new look will take about 6 weeks for you to adjust to and then any other position will look abnormal! Please be patient and get used to your new healthy and youthful look!

Q. The bra is rolling under in the front and is uncomfortable.

A. This is caused by one of two things: The bra is fitted too loosely and is riding up in the back and rolling under in the front or the bra straps have been loosened so the bra is hanging down off the shoulders instead of being pulled up and the weight being shifted back off the shoulders. So check the tightness of the fit or the tension of the straps to fit this position.

Q. I am getting some wrinkling in the cup.

A. This indicates that the bra was fitted too large or the straps were lowered and this will cause the fit in the bra cups to shift and leave wrinkles.

Q. I find that I get very fatigued in my shoulders or my back and rib area when I wear the bra.

A. Again, this is a good sign!! You are in training and your body is getting fatigued from the posture realignment that is happening as you wear the bra. When you start to experience fatigue, you should just take the bra off and switch to another bra to give your body a break. If you regularly continue to wear the bra, as long as you are able each day, you will start to experience a shift in your posture and a gradual relief of shoulder and back pain.

Q. Do I have to redirect and manipulate my breast tisue through the triangular holders in the bra each time I wear it?

A. Absolutely! When you take a moment to make sure that all the tissure is forward and pulled in from under the arm you are retraining this "wayward" tissue to come back to where it was meant to be and this will increase circulation, drainage, and best of all, will reshape your breasts over time. Be diligent each day and your diligence will pay off!

Q. I find that I breathe differently when I have these bras on?

A. Yes, many women experience a totally different way of breathing when they have the TAB bra on and some even experience a bit of light headedness. The bra lifts the weight of the breasts off the diaphragm and allows for a better airflow and the straps help to pull the shoulders back and open up the chest area to allow a better airflow, as well.

Q. Do these bras work well as sports bras?

A. Absolutely! It is one of the best sports bras available on the market. It has no "bounce" factor due to the fact that these bras are made without any elastic in the bra or the straps, and is fitted firmly to the body. The shelf wicks away sweat, and the lace fabric (Classic and All Lace) allows good air circulation around the breast. It also helps to open up our breathing capacity, and therefore helps in all of our physical training and activities. You may want to dedicate one bra to sports, and wash after each wearing.

Q. Could these bras be used as maternity bras?

A. YES! These bras do not have elastic in the bra, so they are not be as flexible as a lycra bra for the beginning stage of breast feeding. As everything settles, the bras offer the best support for a nursing mother an also promotes the best circulation possible! Because of the support cradle lifting from underneath,there is usually better milk production, and less leakage.

Q. Would the TAB bra work well for a mastectomy client?

A. All the bras we carry are suitable for mastectomy clients. The TAB bra is especially comfortable for mastectomy clients. The prosthetic can be inserted easily into the triangular holder part of the bra, and because there is no elastic in the bra or the straps, the weight of the prosthetic does not stretch out the bra and the straps. This greatly helps to keep the clients posture correct and eliminates much of the shifting of the prosthetic, in the bra, as the client is wearing the bra.

Q. What is the best way to care for my bras?

A. To guarantee the best wear and long life from the bras, you should hand wash the bras in a basin with tepid water, and a very soft natural liquid cleaner (ie. Delicat or Ecoclean), roll it up in a towel to remove the excess water from the bra and then hang the bra, with the shelfing exposed, to the air for most rapid drying. Bras washed by hand will outlive machine washed bras 3 to 1.

Q. What if I get my bra and it feels too tight?

A. It may feel tight. It is supposed to be snug. That is how it was fitted for you. As you wear it longer, it will mould to your body and stretch out another ¼ of an inch. Within a few hours, it will feel more comfortable than when you first put it on. For the first few days, wear your new bra for a couple of hours then you can soak it to soften the fabric. Work up to wearing your bra for a full eight-hour day.

Q. Can I quickly reduce the stiff feel of the bra before I wear it?

A. Yes! You can soak your bra in a small bowl or sink with ½ cup of vinegar and just enough water to cover. Leave it to soak for 4 hours, then rinse and wash as above. Leave to dry for 24 hours before wearing.

(Classic style or All Lace style).

Q. Why does the bra seem to make me pointy at first?

A. The bra was designed with a certain directional flow to coax the breast tissue forward and keep it there during the training period. This directional flow in the bra also keeps the bra from coming into full contact with the skin so that the bra does not absorb oil, perspiration etc. while you are trying it on. This may create a more pointed look on some women more than others. It is a short-term effect. With increased washing and wearing, the bra will soften up and contour more to your natural shape.

(Classic style)