Jeunique Bra (While Quantities Last)

This bra is for women in all phases of her life and has the largest known range of cup sizes (178) from 26A through to 46KK.Great for small to fuller figures, mother-to-be, and ladies who have had a mastectomy. Sports minded people find the Jeunique bra extremely comfortable as there is no “bounce” and it eliminates stretching and sagging.

The breast should be positioned so the point of the breast is halfway between the shoulders and the elbow, where nature designed it to be.The Jeunique Bra has:

  • NO Under-wire
  • NO stretch Straps
  • NO Shoulder Strap Pull

It all begins with what doesn't show... HERE'S WHY A JEUNIQUE BRA FITS LIKE NO OTHER BRA

The secret? It's our exclusive patented Air-O-Flex Banderin®under the breast that creates a "shelf-type" support to encourage delicate bust tissue up and forward into the cup area, supporting and directing the bust. The Air-O-Flex Banderin® is composed of three layers; two outer layers of anti-absorbent material and a center section of EVA with perforations for a cooling, breathing effect. The Air-O-Flex Banderin® molds to fit and support each breast according to its size and shape using your natural body heat.

The Jeunique Bra was designed by a woman who understood the discomforts of an ill-fitting garment. The Chiropractic Bra everyone is clamouring to get their hands on supports the breast tissue from underneath, it doesn't suspend the breasts from the shoulders, therefore relieves cervico-thoracic pain, almost instantly, in suffering female patients.

It gives direction, support, comfort and security, by defying the laws of gravity. The French call this bra Soutien-Gorge, translated it means “Throat Support”.Support your breasts which support your throat…” which could eliminate the need for a face-lift tomorrow! A thought to ponder! 

The Jeunique bra is a dress makers dream and a must have fashion accessory with the ability to maximise and enhance smaller breasted woman and minimize the fuller breasted woman giving a slimmer and more youthful look and appearance. The elegant styling makes this bra a must have item suitable for every occasion.

It is important that women take care of their breasts. Wearing ill-fitting garments that give little or no support and redirect the breast tissue, impeding circulation and lymphatic drainage will interfere directly with cellular health. 

The Jeunique bra is the “Roll Royce” in Bra design.