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Fashion Figure Control (FFC)is a light-weight control garment that gives you the control you want without giving up the comfort you need!

You can now achieve comfortable figure control without restricting blood circulation. Our FFC even helps relieve pressure on your lower back. Made from a blend of Lycra, Nylon and Spandex with 180% expansion, these FFC garments are available in Brief, Medium and Long Leg styles.

Available colors: Beige, White and Black

(N.B.: Brief style does not come in Black)

Sizes range from 26" to 42" waist


Are you tired on seeing that unsightly bulge under your clothes, around your mid-section?

Nu-Shape Waist Trimmer may be the answer to your problem! Our Nu-Shape is a discrete, comfortable, breathable, front-hook closure waist trimmer garment that helps minimize any midriff bulge.

Made from a blend of Nylon and Lycra, our unique Nu-Shape helps alleviate lower back pain by providing some extra, gentle support. It is even recommended for men who often suffer from lower back pain.

When worn together with one of our bras,the FFC enhances and completes your whole look!

Available colors: Beige, White and Black

Sizes range from 25" to 42" waist

Posture ranks at the top of the list when we talk about good health!

Posture Perfect Support Vest allows for this corrective measure to take place by providing adequate back support. It helps hold the shoulders back in an upright position, and prevents fatigue and discomfort from sitting or standing for long periods.

Only available in White

Sizes range from 28" to 40" waist


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