Word of mouth is the best advertising!

“The level of service at My Best Silhouette is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism and caring of the staff I have come in contact with. Thank you!”

Mary - Brandon, MB

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. My Best Silhouette was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

Susan - Regina, SK

What a pleasant, informative evening! Sharon and Gail kept us all in stitches with healthy laughter and vital information about our health - information I had never been made aware of before.The comment from my friends, after I had put on the bra for the first time, was: "You look like you've lost 10 pounds. And you're standing straighter." That was what had caught my attention when I first saw the brochure -

the slouching figure- and I knew I'd had a posture issue for a long time!The next day when my husband saw me, his comment was that my posture had improved. And it was constant through the day-not just when I knew that I needed to "stand tall".There was another thing I noticed the first day wearing the bra: a change in my breathing. I had not been walking much in the last 3 months, because of a chronic cough/cold. We walked to the grocery store -about a mile return; it was a brisk walk but there was no shortness of breath!At the end of the day, with an ordinary bra, there was always moisture under my breasts. With this bra, there was no moisture. I was completely dry. Amazing!I am so excited about this bra! I think every woman-for her own health's sake-should make an effort to have at least one. If, in one day, there's that much difference-what a difference it will make for overall health and well being!

Janet G, BC

“My story is true and most sincere. I've been working at the Jeunique Pointe-Claire head office for over 11 years. And having always been well-endowed, my search for the perfect bra left me with few options. Until I tried Jeunique's Satin & Lace Bra. My breasts used to be extremely tender during my period, and now I hardly experience any pain. When I lay in bed on my back, I always had one breast that would fall to the side, but now I can comfortably rest my arms by my side without having to adjust my position. What's most surprising is that I can now jog without any pain or discomfort because I have all the right support. I could never go back to a department store bra."

Lyne - Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec

Hi Gals, Trust me this will be one of the best referrals you will ever have!

If you think you have a good bra that fits - you probably don't! Most commercial bras are causing women to have cystic breasts, back pain, bad posture, shoulder pain to list a few. These are amazing bras, I cannot believe the difference in my life, better posture and less back pain and the girls are sitting where they should sit. If these clinics don't work for you just call Ingrid and she'll work out an arrangement that works. If you know any women that have had a mastectomy they help these woman get a proper fit and shape.

Renee, BC

“Let's see - I was 16 yrs old and a 32DD. I hated being large-chested. In school I loved baseball but hated to run because I had no bra support. I would go bra shopping with my mom at all the local stores to try to find one that would fit. I would cram my breasts into a DD. Not only that but at 16 to wear the same size bra as your mother is embarrassing. Plus boys only want to tease you and are intimidated by large breasts. Then I think I was 18 when my cousin was hosting a bra party and I was one of the first people she called. I went but I was very shy at 18 to get fitted by someone I didn't know. The moment the hostess fitted me, I turned to look in the mirror and cried. She was worried something was wrong. I told her no. I feel so comfortable, oh my God, I think I'm breathing differently. From that day everything has changed: my posture, less back problems, no more indents in my shoulders, and I have much more confidence. I cannot live without my Jeunique bra and I let everyone know!

Sylvie - Prince Albert, SK

“Thanks for the tune "up"! Of course, it goes without saying that there are no bras like your bras, and just like with a car, we all need a tune "up" once in a while to remember what we have forgotten."

Loy - Wetaskiwin, Alberta

“Thank you so much for introducing me to the Jeunique Bra. You said it may take some getting used to. The small amount of pressure across the front of my rib cage while first wearing the bra was minimal. And it is still more comfortable than any of my other bras. I'm embarrassed to admit that in 32 years of wearing a bra, I've worn at least 5 different combinations of sizes and cups...none of which was the right one! Thank you and may God bless you and your business!"

Scarlet - Seaforth, Ontario

“I have been a satisfied customer for nearly three years. I have always had problems purchasing bras until I found the ad for a Jeunique the Bra Clinic. I have noticed a very great change in the comfort I have in my upper back. Your bras provide the support and comfort we require. I have recommended your bras to a healthcare professional for patients with upper back/shoulder discomfort Thanks again!"

Lynn - Norland, Ontario

“Jeunique Bras changed my life! The fit impressed me so much that it got me out of retirement, and I became a rep. After years of back pain and discomfort, the Jeunique Bra gave me back my quality of life.”

Gayle - Scotch Village, Nova Scotia

“After spending most of my life in an unsupported bra, the support and fit of a Jeunique Bra is second to none. Now I know what support means!”

Jeannette - Surrey, BC

“Thank you so much for getting me into a great-fitting bra. What a difference! Hope you sell lots more bras and make many more women feel and look great! Thanks again!”

Samantha - Lloydminster, AB

"I'm sending more money to buy an additional bra - it's wonderful to have the support of a Great Bra!"

Marion - Regina, SK

“Have you ever wanted to write bra companies and tell them how to make a good one? Straps that don’t stretch and that stay in place... Well, now you don’t have to! Make an appointment, be treated kindly and gently, purchase a bra and begin a new era of comfort. After more than fifty years of waiting, I’ll do anything to keep feeling cozy and firm as this new bra makes me feel. Take the plunge UPWARDS!!”

Joan - Peterborough, ON

“I love them. They feel fabulous and they look great. I feel like a million bucks! Thanks so much for the introduction to Jeunique. I told everyone in my classes about them. They all noticed I looked smaller!”

Jodie - Lakefield, ON

"The Jeunique Bra takes pressure off the brachial plexus and neck/shoulder region by sensibly supporting the weight of the breast tissue from below, and re-distributing the weight across the chest wall."

Dr. Keith Livingstone, B.App.Scvi (Chiropractic) 

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